Bime’S 4DDT

Bime`S 4DDT

· 4D digital Twin is construct in linkage with BMS, BIS, BAS system of Bime’S solution to reconstruct and simulate the actual environment of the facility facilities of the building into digital environment

· 4D Digital Twin realizes augment reality by adding data according to time to the dimensional characteristics of space, and expressing all of the past(history data) and future (prediction) in 3D space

Feature of Bime’S 4D Digital Twin

Construction of a space time system with 3D UI and data combined in building

4D based data processing

Integrated visualization of all issues (events, alarms, and path tracing) publication in real space The real time environment value (temperature, humidity, the lighting condition etc) and CCTV video of building are offered in 4D virtual reality environment Data of building management is expressed as current, present (history data),
 future (predicted) data

Smart Building System

Intelligent technology and N-Screen options of providing C/S Mobile, WEB Kiosk, and other various device viewer technologies Fast processing Speed performance based on light 3D data structure Extended to firefighting, disaster prevention, energy and facilities management


Integration spatial information management of multipurpose large-scale space

Intuitive/clear virtualization of control object space

Comprehensive management of real-time issues occurring in space

Intuitive and integrated management of real-time issues, history data, and forecasting data of facility automatic control, CCTV, fire, access control systems

Evolution of control method

Combine existing non-intuitive control information with 3D spatial information to provide a more quicks and accurate control system

Bime’S 4D Digital Twin Screen (Sample)