Bime’S Info

Bime`S Info

Bime’S Building Integration & Management Engine’s FrameWork

Bime’S (Bimes) means as “building integration and management system framework”

It is gathering the data from building's functional system like SI, FMS, BEMS, BAS and Digital Twin to provide the developmental environment with easier control, processing, dispersion and integration. Bime'S is providing the framework which is mixture of connections among building control, facility management, energy control, and making twin digital, in order to provide a big data for the integration, dispersion and transplantation of data. Also Bime'S provides an environment that minimizes the change and downtime of existing systems when changing the scope of expending buildings as well as new ones.

Bime’S Package

1. BIS (Building Integrated System)
2. BAS (Building Automation System)
3. BMSFM (Building Management System for Facilites)
4. BMSEM (Building Management System for Energy)
5. 4D Digital Twin