Niagara Analytics

Niagara Analytics

First introduced in the Americas in 2014 and available globally since 2015, Niagara Analytics is the only data analytics engine built on Tridium’s industry-leading Niagara Framework®.

Niagara Analytics 2.1 includes 7 new reports that are easily configured by the end user.
These reports help the energy manager identify when peak usage occurs, determine how various loads contribute to overall usage,
compare efficiency between buildings, display and compare equipment runtime, and understand load profiles.
These new reports include a baseline feature for comparing a previous period to a current period,
and normalization for building area and degree days.

Missing Data interpolation is also included with this release.
Missing data can now be interpolated using a linear strategy, or “nearest neighbor” strategy.
Now your charts and displays can display data that is approximately correct even if sensors or controllers are not reporting.

Niagara Analytics 2.1 is supported with Niagara 4.4 and later versions.

Native Niagara Application
· Uses Niagara Histories – no need to maintain an external database
· Runs as a service in the Niagara Station - does not require separate software maintenance or server
· Familiar Niagara Framework wiresheet programming

Real-time, on-premise analytic control
· Full analytics functionality on embedded controllers such as JACE® 8000s
· Supports real-time energy optimization
· Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD)
· Analytic Alerts integrated with Niagara Alarm Console

Defined base algorithms library
· Variety of predefined algorithms provided
· Building blocks for custom algorithms

Powerful visualization
· HTML5-based charts, tables, and graphics
· User-specific dashboards
· Responsive graphics

User-configurable Reports
· Ad-hoc report generation
· Easy configuration
· Visualize and understand

Real-time analytics and the IoT

When you're talking about the IoT, and the thousands of connected IoT devices, the big question becomes how to profit from "big data."
Traditional methods of analytics are not suitable for harnessing the IoT's enormous power.
The Niagara Analytics Framework is purposefully designed for the IoT.

Tridium’s former VP of global marketing and product strategy Pranay Prakash details what makes
the IoT data explosion a great opportunity and why analytics is hugely important.
He overviews how to capitalize by taking immediate actions based on real-time data, through real-time analytics.