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Leadership Team

Tridium’s associates and leaders are drawn from a range of backgrounds. We share a passion for collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement.

Simon Liu

Tridium Asia
Pacific Executive Director

Mike Luscombe

Partnerships, acquisitions, etc.
Global market development

Kebin Smith

Tridium CTO,
Senior Architect

Curt Bramel

Director of Sales,
Americas Region

Ed Merwin

Strategic Business

Therese Sullivan

Customer Marketing Leader

Tridium Info

In the 1990s, the Internet and the World Wide Web were becoming mainstream commercial technologies.
Smart devices and systems began to appear in buildings, machines, homes, cars and virtually everywhere else,
but few standards existed for interoperability among new and already-installed devices.

Initiatives to form standard communication protocols created a few open system environments (such as LonWorks® and BACnet®).
But these protocols, focused at the embedded device level, provided interoperability only when all the devices were based on the same protocol.

Working out of a spare room in the west end of Richmond, Virginia, a small group of building industry experts and
freshly minted graduates in electrical engineering and computer science gathered to solve the problem.
The industry experts had the experience to know what businesses needed, and the new graduates were freethinking enough to take an unconventional approach.

That unconventional approach was to design an open, Internet-based infrastructure that would allow software developers
to develop applications that could be used across a wide variety of systems, including existing legacy systems and
competing systems from different manufacturers.

Tridium was founded by entrepreneurs who partnered with entrepreneurs. Our early success was based on a novel technology and
a forward-thinking set of early adopters who took a chance and challenged the status quo of closed, proprietary systems.

In 1997, the company produced a functional system prototype. Two years later, Tridium launched its revolutionary Niagara Framework®.